Glass Snowglobe Sublimation Tumblers

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Clear glass is sublimation ready. For use in a mug/tumbler press or convection oven. Convection oven requires the use of shrink wrap to apply pressure during baking.

Includes bamboo wood lid and plastic straw and plug.


    • Do not seal the hole or pour in anything before sublimating.
    • Please avoid extreme heating after sealed. Do not leave in the car in the hot summer after sealed and do not heat it in any way after sealed.
    • Suitable for drinking cold or warm beverages - not hot water. Temp no higher than 140°F


    • Press sublimation print onto glass.
    • Pour glitter or oil through the hole at the bottom after sublimated. Glitter first, then mixed Vegetable Glycerin/Distilled Water recommended.
    • Seal the hole with UV resin, UV light for 2 minutes or according to your UV resin directions.

Mug Press Instructions

    • Temperature:356°F
    • Time:60 Seconds - Rotate - 60 seconds (120 seconds total)
    • Pressure:Light

Oven Instructions (Please note that not all ovens are the same - do your own testing with these heat suggestions)

    • Temperature:356°F
    • Time:6 minutes - Turn halfway
    • Directions: Bake in oven, being sure to turn halfway, and once you remove from oven, you will want to remove shrink wrap and tape ASAP. Caution - Glass will be HOT! DO NOT COOL BY DIPPING IN WATER!
    • Extra Notes:If full wrap design - we recommend the use of bands or shrink wraps - make sure you pull the transfer as tightly as possible around the tumbler, then tape very well along the seam. If smaller design, apply butcher or blowout paper around the tumbler to protect the cup from the shrink wrap.

Care Instructions

  • Wash:Hand wash is recommended as the high heat in dishwashers may reactivate the ink and cause it to bleed.
  • Tips: Avoid extreme temperature changes as this may cause cracking or explosion of glass.

Sublimated images won't be as vibrant as they would on white - image will be more transparent.

Due to the nature of glass, there is no warranty. Use at your own risk